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Tactile Pictures is a small but mighty design-development-engineering studio with the capacity to take on a range of projects from identity systems to web sites to software applications. Our team of highly experienced engineers and designers will work with you from conceptualization and strategizing to implementation and completion.We have the tools and expertise to maximize your resources and deliver on time. See for yourself — check out our portfolio.

Software Development

We can design and complete reliable software quickly and easily, drawing upon experience in a variety of software engineering environments, from large-scale software products to targeted components. Your ideas can become reality and problems can be solved in less time and expense than you may believe. Contact us for developing new software, joining an ongoing engineering project, and for rapid prototyping of new ideas.

Graphic Design and Illustration

How you look is important, especially when trying to engage your audience in a competitive world. We can help you strategize and develop effective visual communication whether you are wanting to educate the public, raise your company's profile, or wanting to attract new customers. We work in multiple mediums in both the digital and analog world. Logos and collateral, web sites and smart, sophisticated presentations are just a few of the things we do.

Web Development

Our team provides the entire range of services for large and small web sites, developing the function, organization and style of your website to enhance your overall communication strategy. We can build database-driven websites with online content management, as well as simpler sites to just explain who you are. Finally, we provide the training and support that allows the site to grow with your organization.

Interaction Design

Ease of use can make or break your product or web site. We employ rapid prototyping, to bring your project to life early on, allowing us to work with you and your users to refine the interface using direct interaction and immediate feedback. This can also be used to simulate hardware devices onscreen, saving you the time and expense of creating physical models of technology products.

Interactive Media

Engineering and design come together in interactive media. Our integrated team can develop visually stunning, highly interactive presentations, games and installations much more quickly and efficiently than separate designers and developers. The efficiency and synergy of an integrated team allows the work to focus on the product, not the process, resulting in the best design solutions.


Tactile Pictures

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