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We developed a lingo Xtra for Director to support Microsoft's DirectSound and DirectSound 3D APIs, which are part of their DirectX technologies for high-performance multimedia on Windows 95 and NT. The DirectSound API provides low-latency mixing, hardware acceleration, and direct access to sound devices. To aid in developing cross-platform applications, version 3 of the DirectSound Xtra also includes support for the Macintosh by using QuickTime to emulate the DirectSound functionality.

The DirectSound Xtra is now freely available as an open source project. We can provide help, new features or patches as a consulting job. We can customize it to your project - we've added support for the Macintosh, DirectSound 3D, Dolby AC-3 compressed audio, and other custom file formats for various clients. Send mail to info@tactilepix.com for more information, or go to SourceForge to look at the current functionality of the DirectSound Xtra.

To hear the DirectSound Xtra in action, download the Tactile12000 turntable simulation, or check out OM Records' Mushroom Jazz or Deep Concentration CDs.


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