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Tactile Pictures' creative group of artists and engineers is uniquely capable of creating distinctive and attractive designs and solving complex engineering problems. We draw inspiration from broad interests in art and culture, society, history, travel, people and nature. Each individual's training in a wide range of disciplines allows us to start and complete projects with a small, focused team with minimal overhead.


Derek Chung

Derek Chung brings both technical and creative backgrounds to the engineering side of Tactile Pictures. With Tactile Pictures, he created the Tactile12000, visual MP3 DJ mixing software, which was featured in Print Magazine's Interaction 2000 as well as music and software magazines around the world. He also co-founded Urbanpixel, where he helped develop a new paradigm for organizing and navigating information on the web.

Derek is on the board of Many Threads, a non-profit that develops digital media for education on a range of social justice and environmental issues. Through a donor-advised fund at the San Francisco Foundation, he recommends grants to organizations working on Asian-American issues and social justice. Before Tactile, he worked as a software engineer on Oracle Graphics, a visual application tool for Oracle Corporation. He has also studied and practiced design, interaction and art for the last ten years, and has exhibited work at APAture 2002. Derek holds degrees from Carnegie Mellon University in Applied Mathematics and Computer Engineering, and a Masters degree from the Interactive Telecommunications Program at Tisch School of the Arts, New York University.

Tactile Pictures

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